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Wuhan Ariel chemical co.,ltd is a new high-tech R&D and fast growing enterprise,we have established two own laboratories with strong R & D capability in organic synthesis. At the same time,we have a wide range of contacts and good cooperation with a number of domestic private laboratories in custom synthesis field to expand our sales chain.

We are engaged in researching, developing, synthesizing, and manufacturing API, intermediates and fine chemicals. Arielchem offers products ranging from milligram-level, kilogram-level, up to mass  production level according to customers'' requirements. We have good and long cooperation  with Trading company,Scientific research institution,Colleges and  Universities,Pharmaceutical enterprises both at home and abroad.

Arielchem lays great emphasis on the customer''s demands and regards customer satisfaction  as its priority all the time. Furthermore, We look forward to establishing long-term,  various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.  



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